Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

"Cat" 14"x14" oil on linen.

I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a while. I changed my job 3 months ago and this transition is seriously cutting into my painting time. I just hope that day comes when I can pursue my dream of being a full time artist instead of switching back and forth between the steady income and my passion for painting, but I’m not ready yet to take this step.
Finally, I’ve finished a few paintings that I had started at the end of a summer. Here is the first one and I’m planning to post the rest of them here next week.

Happy New Year, everyone, and thank you for following my work!


David Teter said...

Have followed your work recently after finding it on Magsig blog I think, I love your cityscapes, the nocturnes and stormy paintings have a mysterious, almost melancholy, dark, brooding but still accessible quality. All your work has that sense of immediacy too, the cat in this one...

I also like reading about the background history on your paintings... like the Red Hook series with it's cobblestone streets and Civil War-era warehouses, that must be fabulous to see, and the DUMBO acronym.

That is what gives the work more substance, you are not just painting random scenes... instead ones that have an impression on you.

Keep painting this stuff before it all disappears. said...

beautiful work Janet and a happy new year to you too. I wish you that your day of being a full time artist arrives in 2011, why to wait longer?.

Janet Ternoff said...

David, thank you for visiting my blog! I love your paintings and appreciate your kind words.

I made a link to your blog from mine.

Janet Ternoff said...

Thank you Jesus. Happy New Year!

David Teter said...

Janet, thank you for the link too..
and keep painting and describing New York from your own unique point of view.