Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wall Street - Broad Street

                                             "Broad Street Station No.2"
                                                      oil on hardboard
Here is my latest painting of Wall Street. When I started the painting I didn’t expect that when I finish it the place would be once again at center of the  headlines with aftershock from S&P’s credit downgrade.

8 comments: said...

Very good work, I like the building with the columns.

hmuxo said... are incredibly talented. Your work is so beautiful and I have been waiting patiently since June to see your next piece!! Congratulations...I love it.!

RAPT5 said...

best pic
behtarin axaro tu in weblog peyda kardam mamnun
teven frome iran,tehran

David Teter said...

Looks great, A nice twin to Broad Street Station. Bet they would look good hanging as a pair. Again that warm light from the subway and warm glow in the background.

rgmomii said...

Yes, this would look nice as a pair to the other Broad Station painting. My sentiments exactly.

Janet Ternoff said...

Hmuxo, thank you for your visit and kind words! Janet

Janet Ternoff said...

I appreciate your kind comment, David!

Janet Ternoff said...

Thanks all.