Saturday, October 8, 2011

TOAD HALL - commission 46x60" painting.

                                                        "TOAD HALL-II"
                                                     46"x60" oil on linen
I didn't update my blog for a while. I’d been working on this painting for a couple of months. It was a commissioned piece and my largest painting to date. It’s more detailed version of small painting “Toad Hall” I had done last year. Thanks to my husband who built up a special easel for this giant. and, when it was finished ,  rented a van to deliver it, since it was not fitting even into SUV.    
Thanks God It was local  NJ, otherwise I have no idea how I could pack it up and ship it out. The customers were a real pleasure to work with, very nice and patient. They were very pleased with final result. Thank you Eddy and Jennifer.
Also I have new 8x10" paintings. I will start posting them on Monday


Anonymous said...

i loved the one you did last year of the same subject and this is absolutely stunning! lucky people who own it now:)

hmuxo said...

Janet! this is such an amazing painting. I don't know where to look first...more amazing is the size of this're good!! And yes, lucky owners..

Janet Ternoff said...

thank you Rahina and Hilda.