Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greenwich Avenue

"Greenwich Ave-NYC"
oil on board


Anonymous said...

your compositions and play with light against buildings just gets better and better Janet! this painting is to me something i could look at and fall asleep looking at.. just beautiful

hmuxo said...

Perfectly painted, Janet. Awesome shadow work.

David Teter said...

Love your deep palette here, the angles coming in from the lower left and echoed by the fire escape, it can be tough to get good eye movement from grid type compositions, you have done it here.
The 'drooping' light pole shadow (I've always liked shadows from unseen elements).
Great observation of soft edge shadow of building to harder edge shadow of light pole

I especially like the frosted translucent window glass.

And "West Broadway"... love the climb to the water tower.

Janet Ternoff said...

Thank you Rahina, David and Hilda for taking your time to comment. I'm trying to bring more life to my paintings and shadows from unseen objects, light and colors are helping me to create some mystery effect. I'll post another new painting today “East Village-NYC” looking similar to this one.

Page Pearson Railsback said...

Your cityscapes are Gorgeous