Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Pearl Paint"

"Pearl Paint"
oil on canvas.

This is my new painting of the famous art supply store Pearl Paint on Canal Street, NYC. I used to buy all my art materials there before it closed its doors last year. It was very old and industrial looking place which added a character to the business. They had everything you needed

This painting was done it as a study for a larger piece.


hmuxo said...

What can I say!! This is amazing...a great piece!
I loved that store and still can't believe its gone.
Well done!!

LS Nelson said...

Cannot believe I haven't come across your art in my web travels. Your handling of lights and darks is about as perfect as I've ever seen! Love the mood, subject matter...all of it!

John Finch said...

Have been searching around for another of your pieces to add to my small collection of your works. "Bethesda Terrace" and a small "Toad Hall" interior are among my favorites.